EzApi 0.8.92

New Release 0.9.82

My small contribution for the BI world has been this SSIS generation framework resurrection. Amazingly it has almost 1500 downloads @NuGet. We are using this @DevScope for creating our SSIS packages based on metadata and it’s on production on some of our clients.

We can see the rest of the details at the project repository.

The Future

I finally managed to move to a new house and I will have (hopefully) more time to write on the blog and to continue to work on this side project.

There will be a new repo for SQL Server 2017 and a freeze of the 2016 one. You can still use the 2016 one with SQL Server 2017 but the SSIS project will be updated on Visual Studio (with target SQL Server 2017) or when uploaded to the SSISDB on the SQL Server 2017 instance.

Some time soon I will write some tutorial posts to show how to start using this tool.

Thank you

To everybody that somehow helped :)