Accessing local settings while unit testing Azure Functions

There’s a lot to chew while unit testing Azure Functions. I going to be quite liberal with the terminology because technically some of this will be in fact integration testing and not unit testing per se. Either way, Azure Functions load the local.settings.json on startup, creating several environment variables that then we can use in our code. In C# we would access them like so: tenantId = configRoot["TenantId"]; appId = configRoot["AppId"]; or in Python:

Dealing with orphanated deployment pipelines

Someone on my team was trying to delete a Power BI workspace but couldn’t. It said there was some deployment pipeline associated that prevented that action. The tricky part was that no one could see any pipeline. This lead me down the rabbit hole to find, that, if an account would be deleted from the active directory, and that same account was the only user of a pipeline that pipeline would turn an orphan.