JavaException: Must have Java 8 or newer installed.

While creating a new machine to be the Integration Runtime for Purview and after I have installed the mandatory JRE that allows the connection to Snowflake I kept getting this error: Error: (3913) JavaException: Must have Java 8 or newer installed. This puzzled me because I had installed version 17. Started troubleshooting and followed this guide to check if the installation was correct. Everything seemed alright but the error was still there.

Add multiple scans using the Purview API

As I explained in a previous post about Purview with the official Snowflake connector you need to create a scan per database/schema pair. In the customer where I was working there are a few hundred databases plus their schemas. Doing this by using the UI would mean that we will be wasting a lot of time clicking away and be prone to forget some database/schema pair. I’ve explored the documentation about the Scans - REST API and the rest of this post is just some PowerShell code to automate the creation of scans and their schedules in Purview.

Snowflake Connector for Purview

In the last few weeks I’ve been working with Purview doing some code to integrate Snowflake entities because there wasn’t an official connector. You can imagine my surprise when I’ve noticed last friday that there’s a new unannounced preview connector that does the work for us. PyApacheAtlas If you already read or watched something about the recommended way to create custom entities on Purview you have heard something about this library.